What do the task shapes represent?


Overview & background


The task shapes correspond with whether a task is on a plan or unrelated to a plan.


Pin-icon - task on a specific location within a plan


If a task is created directly on a plan, that task is considered to be a geo-tagged task (one that is specific to that location on the plan), and is indicated by a marker pin icon.


Diamond icon - task associated with a plan


Tasks created while viewing a plan, but not placed in a specific spot, are given a diamond icon. These tasks are a great way to describe widespread issues or comments which are relevant to the entire drawing.


Square icon - not affiliated with a plan


Tasks that are created while viewing the Tasks tab (i.e. are not affiliated with a plan) will have a square icon. These signify general work or milestones for the overall project and are not associated with a specific location. These tasks can be later moved onto plan.


To learn more about geo vs non-geo-tagged tasks, please visit the Task Tab article

Screen_Shot_2017-09-08_at_11.01.10_AM.png       Pin Icon
Task is associated with a specific location on plan.   
Screen_Shot_2017-09-08_at_11.03.19_AM.png   Diamond Icon
Task is associated with a plan, but not a specific location. 
Screen_Shot_2017-09-08_at_11.01.34_AM.png   Square Icon
Task is not associated with a plan. 


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