What is smart syncing?


Overview & background

Smart Synchronization is basically the default setting on our iOS app that helps prevent eating up your cellular data on your mobile device.

What does Smart Syncing do? 

If you have a WiFi connection, Fieldwire will always download all project data, regardless of your Smart Sync settings.

If you have no WiFi connection and solely use cellular data with Smart Sync enabled, Fieldwire will only download low-resolution plans-- it will not download any prefetched files. 

Note: "Prefetched" files are any photos, videos, or other files in the project, not just the files you might happen to access while using the app. These files are downloaded when you attempt to view them, i.e. photos within a task or files on the Files page.

When Smart Sync is disabled, Fieldwire will download all project data over cellular data, including high-resolution tiles for sheets and all project photos, videos, and files. Disabling Smart Sync is useful if you anticipate being offline (and thus need access to everything) or do not care about storage/downloading large amounts of data on your mobile device

Enabling Smart Sync is helpful if your mobile device does not have an unlimited data plan and you have no access to WiFi.

Tip: Smart Sync only works on a per-user basis, meaning that one project user selects for his/her own account will not affect the Smart Sync settings for other project users.


Smart Synchronization on iOS/Apple

To toggle Smart Synchronization on an iOS device, select the 'Profile' option from the Projects screen. Then scroll down to where you can toggle Smart Synchronization.




Smart Synchronization on Android

To toggle Smart Synchronization on an Android device, select the 'Settings' option from the Projects screen. Then scroll down to where you can toggle the 'Synchronize Project' option.



More Information

These articles provide additional information about using Fieldwire on your mobile device. 

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