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Overview & background


Plan View is where the magic happens. When you click on a specific plan, it is enlarged and a number of important options relating to tasks, markups, and hyperlinks become available to you.




Plan views

There are two plan views.

1. Plan view - You can see thumbnail images of each plan in your project.




2. List view - You can see the plan title, tasks associated with the plan, the current version any tags as well as the option to upload a new version of the plan, edit the plan or delete the plan.




Category and Tasks filters

You can click on My Tasks/All Tasks/Tasks by Category and this will allow you to select categories and tasks to view on the plan. These are useful for when you want to only see specific content and remove the rest from the plan.




Markup toolbar

The markup toolbar is a black vertical bar on the left side of the Plan view.




All the markup tools are listed below in descending order from top to bottom.




Definitions of the markup tools

1. Expand to full screen To view the plan on full screen.
2. Zoom in/Zoom out To view the plan from up close and/or from further out.
3. Marker Pin (Add a new task)

To create a new task, first, click on this pin icon and then click on the area of the map you wish to drop that new task. The task editing screen will then appear.

4. Chain (Create a hyperlink)

Click this chain icon and then click the area of the plan that you want to place the link. You can link to other sheets, attachments, forms, and add progress photos using this function.

5. Pencil (Draw on the plan)

Clicking this pencil icon will let you draw lines, arrows, and general markups on the plan. Once clicked, you can select between a regular line or several translucent highlighter options. There is also a multi-point line. Holding the Shift key will snap straight lines and arrows at precise degree angles as you draw them. 

6. Shapes (Outline an area)

Clicking this will allow you to use shapes to surround an area you wish to draw attention to. It can be a defined shape (like a circle or triangle), or you can create your own polygon. You can also use the cloud shape around whatever you want by dragging your cursor across the screen to the appropriate size (similar to the text box function).

7. "a" (TextBox)

Click on this icon to add a text box. You will be able to click and drag to create a text box of whatever size you choose. Once you finish that, the option to add your comment or description inside of the box will appear. You can also select the size of the font.

8. Ruler (Measurement tools)

Click on this icon to open up the measurement tools. You can calibrate distance, record new length measurements, and scale an area. Holding the Shift key will snap measurement lines at precise degree angles as you draw them.

9. Color (Red Circle)

Clicking this icon will allow you to choose from several colors. This affects the color of the pen, highlighter, arrow, text, and cloud tools. You can create private markups by changing this color to purple. 

10. Move (Crossed Arrows)  

Clicking this icon will allow you to move any markups you’ve made with the previous tools around on the plan. Once you click it, every markup will be highlighted and you’ll be able to move them around as you see fit.

11. Undo (Reverse Arrow)

Clicking this will immediately delete the last markup you made on the plan during the current session.

12. Delete (Trash Can)

Click on the trash can icon to highlight all the markups on the plan. You can then click on any of these markups and they will be deleted. Be careful when using this tool, though - any markups that you delete will be deleted for everyone else on the project!



Rename plan/description

You can rename the plan or edit the description by clicking on the title.




Version Control

If you click the 'Version Control button while on a specific sheet, you will see all individual plan notes and you will be able to edit the Notes and version Description. You can also re-order versions to determine which version will display first and be the active version of the plan.




View older versions 

Each version of the plan that you uploaded is labeled with the date it was uploaded (you can edit the description under Version Control). Tasks, hyperlinks, and markups will migrate between versions.



Compare plans

You can compare two versions of the same plan or two completely different plans if you are a premium customer.



View tasks

The tasks associated with the sheet are listed on the right side of the page. You can edit the tasks within each pin, or from the column on the right side of the screen. Just click on the pin or task to open and interact with them.



Filter tasks

You can filter the tasks on the plan to view tasks relevant to the filtering criteria.





Eyeball icon

The eyeball icon in the top right corner allows you to temporarily remove any markups and tasks from the plan. When you click on it, you will be able to select which plan layers (tasks, markups, attachments, links, or photos) you wish to hide, or you can choose to hide all layers. You can bring them all back by clicking them again.




Open recently viewed plans



Actions tab

Admins can use this button to rotate the alignment of the plan. All markups will rotate accordingly.



Action tab options


1. Edit number/description

You can edit the name of the plan and description.

2. Edit scale

You can manually input the scale and override any other data associated with the plan. If you select multiple plans, you can bulk edit the scale for all of the selected plans.

3. Manage tags

You can add and remove Plan Tags.

4. Rotate the plan by 90 degrees to the left, 180 degrees or 90 degrees to the right. 
5. Export as PDF 

Premium customers only can export a PDF with the markups.

Note: To export a plan with the Tasks, you need to generate a report and select 'Plans'. 

6. Compare

Compare versions of the same plans or two different plans.

Note: See 'Compare plans' above.

7. Delete the plan  

Admins can delete plans by clicking the red delete button. You are then asked to confirm the deletion to proceed. 

Note: All markups associated with the sheet will also be deleted if you choose to delete the plan from the project. Any tasks associated with the sheet will become square tasks which you can see on your main Task dashboard. 



Right-clicking on the plan and on tasks

You can see below that it is possible to right-click on the plan and on any tasks on the plan to view a menu of action options.




Right-clicking on the plan

When you right-click anywhere on the plan other than on Tasks, you can view a menu of options including, 'New Task', 'Edit number/description', Manage tags, Compare and Export.



Right-clicking on a task

When you right-click on a Task, you can view a menu of options including 'Complete', 'Verify', 'Duplicate', Manage tags', 'Add checklist', Move off plan', or 'Delete'. 



More information


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