Why aren't my plan hyperlinks activating?


Overview & background

After you've uploaded your plans, all detail, section and elevation callouts on the plans should automatically activate, creating red hyperlinks. These allow whoever accesses the plans to easily navigate between plans.

Screen_Shot_2018-03-30_at_8.39.32_AM.png Screen_Shot_2018-03-30_at_2.53.37_PM.png Screen_Shot_2018-03-30_at_8.39.23_AM.png



If your hyperlinks do not automatically activate, please check the following.

How to fix hyperlinking errors


Reason: Explanation:


Time: If you've just uploaded the plans, it may take several minutes for the hyperlinks to be enabled. Uploading a high volume of plans at once can increase the time it takes for the hyperlinks to populate.

Wait 24 hours for your hyperlinks to load. 

Plan name:  The sheet number within Fieldwire needs to match the callout exactly. (See example below) If this is not the case, you can very quickly scan the sheet numbers and descriptions in bulk. 


Plan name hyperlinking errors

Example: In the following callout, Fieldwire will search for a sheet numbered "A1.01".


sheet_matches_callout_-_1.png  CORRECT

    Sheet #: matches callout

    Description: on second line

sheet_and_callout_on_same_line_-_2.2.png  INCORRECT

   Sheet #: does not match callout

   Description: on same line as sheet #

sheet_number_does_not_match_callout_-_3.3.png  INCORRECT

Sheet #: does not match callout 

Sheet #: contains version

How to fix additional hyperlinking errors


Obscured callout or sheet number Your plans may have been uploaded with errors or blurred areas, which prevents the OCR from recognizing the plan names. This can also happen if lines or markings from the plans themselves overlap over the hyperlink details. Correct the plans and upload again.
Scanned documents Scanned PDFs tend to have inherent hyperlink problems because the PDF tends to be lower quality. The OCR will not read lower quality PDFs as effectively. Fieldwire's OCR works best with text (readable) PDFs, so be sure to export your plans from AutoCAD to PDF in text format. Upload readable (text-based) PDFs of your plan sets, i.e. select vector PDFs as the format that is exported from CAD or REVIT.
Font Type If the font used to print your hyperlink details is not a TrueType font i.e. a typical, readable font then Fieldwire's OCR scanner will not be able to scan them. SHX fonts and AutoCAD for Mac are not currently supported by our software. This article from AutoDesk provides more information on the subject. Ensure your plans use a TrueType font and re-load into Fieldwire. 


Note: If you have eliminated these possibilities and your hyperlinks do not activate, please contact us at support@fieldwire.com so we can assist you.


More Information

These troubleshooting articles detail how you can adjust your plan names so Hyperlinks may activate.

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