Why aren't the hyperlinks working?


After you've uploaded your plans, all call-outs should automatically activate (allow 24 hours), creating red hyperlinks like so:


If your hyperlinks don’t appear to be working on your plans, this could be due to several reasons: 

  1. Your plans may have been uploaded with errors or blurred areas, which prevent the OCR from recognizing plan names. This can also happen if lines or markings from the plans themselves are overlapping the hyperlink details. If this is the case, try uploading the corrected plans again.
  2. If you just uploaded the plans, it may take several minutes for the hyperlinks to enable. Uploading a high volume of plans at once can increase this time.
  3. If the font used to print your hyperlink details is not a TrueType font.
  4. If you’ve named the plan anything other than the name that appears on the plan itself. So for instance, if the plan name reads “A2.02,” but you have named the plan “76-14 A2.02” in Fieldwire, this will throw off the software and the hyperlinks won’t work. Changing back to the original name should fix the problem.
  5. Scans tend to have inherent hyperlink problems, so be sure you upload readable (vector) PDFs of your plan sets.

If you have eliminated these possibilities and are sure you’ve uploaded and named your plans correctly, please contact us at support@fieldwire.com so we can assist you.

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