Using the Files Tab (Web)


The Files tab keeps track of the files you have attached to plans, as well as any that you upload directly to the Files tab. We support most file types, such as those in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Project, etc.), PDF, JPEG, PNG, CSV, TXT, and KML, to name a few. DWG and CAD files can be uploaded into Fieldwire, however this is just for storage/distribution purposes; you cannot open DWG and CAD files in Fieldwire, but you can download them out of Fieldwire.

These are the key features on this page:

  1. Add New Files - Use this button to upload new files directly to the Files tab.
  2. Add New Folders - This allows you to create a new folder for your files.
  3. Actions - Use this to button to select certain files in order to move them between folders or delete them entirely. You can also export multiple files at once from here.
  4. Filters - Search by filter through your files and folders.

The files that are uploaded directly to this page or directly onto plans will appear here in a list, however any files attached to specific tasks will not appear on the Files page. This is due to the different levels of permission between users - Admins, Members, and Followers have varying access to project information, and so to ensure only the right eyes are viewing certain task-specific data, these files will remain visible only in their respective task views.


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