How secure is Fieldwire?


Overview & background

Fieldwire is compliant with various security standards to ensure that the information you upload to the platform will remain safe and confidential. You can read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy here.

Is my data secure in Fieldwire?

Yes, your data is safe and will remain private. Fieldwire primarily uses Amazon Web Services and Heroku as our data hosting providers. Their data servers are held in undisclosed facilities equipped with substantial security and anti-intrusion systems of their own. Authorized staff must pass two-factor authentication to access these facilities. We make sure to utilize top physical, managerial, and technical safeguards that are designed to preserve the privacy of your personal information.

Fieldwire has successfully completed a SOC 2 Type 2 audit.
Enterprise customers can review the audit report with an NDA.


How is my data used in Fieldwire?

When you upload your files to Fieldwire, our system creates a copy so that we can process it, create tiles, run our OCR software, and perform all of the necessary functions that enable you to successfully access the data in our app. We then store a copy so that we can generate your as-builts, reports, etc.


Who is allowed to see my data?

Anyone that you decide to invite to your project is granted appropriate access to your data, as the act of inviting them to your project is considered official consent to share that data with them. The visibility and permission to alter that data is dependent on the access level granted to each user by project Admins, as explained in further detail here.


Will Fieldwire access my data directly?

Your data will not be accessed directly unless by your consent. The most frequent case for this would be during customer support situations. Users can invite Customer Support Agents to their projects at their discretion and are able to remove our Agents at any time. 

Beyond these conditions, we have no interest in accessing your data directly, and we certainly would never share it with outside parties or add any content of our own to your projects. 

More Information


These articles will explain more about different permissions sets in Fieldwire.

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