What are Plan Tags?


Plan hashtags allow you to group specific plans together, just as you would when using task hashtags. These tags are a great way to organize your plans and associate them with a specific trade, duty, or any categorical aspect you like. It's also a great way of instantly filtering for plans that you frequently access during the course of your project.

The process for applying plan tags is very similar to adding tags to tasks and photos.  

1) Select all plans you would like to tag by clicking on the upper left hand box of each plan thumbnail.  

2) After all plans are selected, click the Actions button at the top of the screen.  You will then select Manage tags.


3) The Manage tags box will appear.  Here you can enter a new tag or start typing an existing tag to add the tag to all selected plans. To remove tags from the selected plans, click the "X" next to the tag name.

4)  You are now able to filter plans on (web or mobile) by the tag and only those plans will appear. 


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