What are Plan Tags?


Plan hashtags allow you to group specific plans together, just as you would by using task hashtags. These tags are a great way to organize your plans and associate them with a specific trade, duty, or any categorical aspect you like.

To assign a plan tag to a specific plan, just open up the plan and then click on its title. You will then see the "Tags" field where you can create a new tag or add an existing one. 


You can also assign plan tags to multiple plans at once.

Once you have added a tag, you can then filter your plans to only show those associated with a given tag by clicking on the "Filter Plans" button in the top right corner of the main Plans page.




Plan Tags on Mobile:

On both iOS and Android versions of the Fieldwire app, just open up a plan and click on the plan title at the top of the screen to open up the window where you can edit plan tags.


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