How do I use the measurement tools?


The measurement tools are located in the main markup toolbar available when you open up one of your plans. The button for these tools features a ruler icon, and can be found between the text tool and the line tool. These measurement tools allow you to calibrate distance, indicate length, and record surface area directly onto your plans. On web, holding down the Shift key while using the measurement tools will snap the line in precise degrees so you can create measurements at specific angles.



Calibration Tool:

Use this tool to create the first length measurement and determine the standard scale for distance from then on. The symbol for this tool is a question mark between two opposing arrows. When calibrating distance, click once on the plan drag the line across it until you’ve reached the desired length. Click again to finish, and you’ll see a window appear where you can input the distance in feet/inches or meters. Once you’ve saved that measurement, every distance measurement you add afterward will be automatically determined based on that initial calibration. This will always be the first measurement tool you must use before being able to access the others.

If your plans already have a scale printed on them, then our software will automatically read that scale and calibrate the drawings for you. This only works if the scale is text/vector-based.



Distance Tool:

Use this tool to leave distance measurements directly on your plans. The length will be automatically calculated based on the initial measurement you previously made with the calibration tool. The symbol for this tool is a ruler.



Area Tool:

Use this tool to measure the area within a designated shape. The symbol for this tool is a filled-in polygon. When selecting this tool, first click on your plan and move the line that appears along the edge of the area you wish to measure; each time you click, a new point will be made in the shape. You must have a minimum of three points in your shape to determine the area measurement, but you can have as many points as necessary to encompass the desired area. Double click to finish creating the shape. The measurement will automatically appear in the center of the shape you make, based on the calibrations you previously made.



Changing Units of Measurement

You can change the units of measurement used for these tools by going to the Settings page of the project. You will find a “Measurement” section where you can choose between “US/Imperial” (Feet and Inches) or “Metric/SI” (Meters). This will affect all the measurements that you previously made and all those that you go on to make on your plans.



Measurement Tools on Mobile:

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