How do I recreate deleted tasks?


Deleting content in Fieldwire is a permanent action, so there is no way to quickly "undo" if you delete a task. However, if you have a premium Fieldwire account, you are able to use our built-in task importing feature to recreate any tasks that may have been deleted in error.

You can do this by going to the Tasks page and clicking the "Generate Reports" button at the top of the page. When the report template appears:

  1. Select "CSV Report" from the available report types. Be sure to also select the "Deleted content" checkbox right beneath it.
  2. Under the Task Filters, click on the "Status" filter and select all options (P1, P2, P3, Completed, and Verified).


Once you've done this, generate your spreadsheet report by pressing "Send." When you received the report, open it up and do the following:

  1. Sort by "Deleted Date" so that all of your deleted tasks are grouped together.
  2. If necessary, change the date format to YYYY-MM-DD (this is needed in order for our software to import the tasks correctly). You can do this by right clicking on the cells in question, select "Format Cells," and then "Custom." You can then enter the YYYY-MM-DD format and save it.
  3. Use your cursor to copy all of the rows in your deleted tasks so that you make sure you have all of the required data to recreate the tasks in your project.



Once you have copied all of that deleted task data, look at the top of the Tasks page in your project and click on the "Import Tasks" button. It should be right next to the "Generate Reports" button that you clicked in the beginning.



When you see the Task Importer template open, paste the copied data from your spreadsheet report into the template, then press the blue "Import Tasks" button at the top of the template.

Keep in mind you may not need all of the data from the rows/columns in the CSV to paste into the Task Importer template - make sure you check the column headers in the Task Importer template to know what data to paste where.

If you see a cell in the template highlight in red, that means you pasted incorrect data and should try again. Cells highlighted in red can also mean that you've pasted in information, such as categories or plans, that don't yet exist within the project. In these situations, make sure to add the categories, plans, etc. into the project prior to importing your tasks to resolve this problem.


Once you've pasted all of the necessary data into the template, click the blue "Import Tasks" button in the top right corner of the template. You should now have your deleted tasks recreated once again in your Fieldwire project.

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