Why is my account blocked or locked?


Locked Accounts

Your Fieldwire account will be locked after several failed attempts to log in using the wrong email address and/or password. This is a security measure that our system takes to prevent anyone other than yourself from trying to access your account. If your account is locked, just write in to support@fieldwire.com and one of our representatives can help unlock the account for you.


Blocked Accounts

If your account is blocked, it is likely because you exceeded the account limits in place if you use the free version of Fieldwire. As a reminder, those who have free Fieldwire accounts are restricted to:

  • 3 total projects
  • 5 unique users
  • 250 total sheets

Please note that these limits are subject to change. If you go over one or all of these limits, then you will receive an email from us informing you that you must either upgrade to a paid account, which allows you to have unlimited projects/users/sheets, or delete some of that content to fall back within the free account limits. Once you go over these limits, you are given a 10 day period to try out what unlimited projects/users/sheets is like and to decide if you wish to upgrade or not, and if you have not done so or gone back within the free account limits after that 10 days, your account will automatically be blocked by our system.

To have your account unblocked, you can either reach out to us at support@fieldwire.com or, if you are the project owner, you can log in to your account on the web and delete the over-the-limit content in order to unblock your account on your own.

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