Forms: User Types and Permission Levels


Overview & background


Each type of Project User has unique authorization to create, view, or edit forms and delete or reopen submitted forms. The permissions of each type of Project user that can take on the Forms feature are detailed below.


Who can create, view, edit, delete, or re-open forms


Organized by project user type



Note: If you are working on an RFI and there are people on the 'Distribution list' (see below) both Admins and Members can view the form. A Follower would have to be the form creator/assignee and on the 'Distribution list' to view the RFI.  


Distribution list on an RFI



Who can view my form?


If the form can still be edited (is not in the 'Submitted' state or is still in the 'Open', 'Pending' or 'Draft' state), then Project Admins, the form creator, and the form assignee can view the form.

If the form is no longer editable (If the form is: 'Submitted', 'Closed', or 'Void'), Admins, Members, and the form assignee can view the form. 


Who can delete forms?


Only Project Admins can delete forms.


If I delete the form, how can I get it back?


Currently, it is not possible to recover deleted forms or form information.


Why can't I edit my form?


It is likely the form was 'Submitted' or finalized by changing the state to one that is locked, which means the form is no longer editable. To edit it, the form status must be changed back to the 'Draft' state. Only Project Admins can "Un-submit" or Unlock forms so it may be necessary to contact a Project Admin to revert the form back to a 'Draft' state.


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