How to filter tasks


Overview and background

After you have created a Project, you will likely create many tasks pertinent to that project.  Fortunately, there is a way to keep track of the large volume of content that you and other users create on the Project with the "Filter Tasks" option. 


How to filter tasks

Step 1: Open your project and navigate to the 'Tasks' tab.
Step 2:  Select the 'Filter tasks' option in the top-right corner.  
Step 3:  Adjust the parameters in the 'Filter tasks' window to isolate tasks. 

Filter a Task by Category

Tip: Use the 'Filter tasks' tool to view the verified tasks which have been automatically archived

The 'Filter Tasks' Box

Red numbers explained in detail below photo


1. Categories

A list of the categories in your project that you can filter by. Defaults to all categories if unspecified. 

2. Assignees A list of the task assignees you can filter by. Defaults to all assignees if unspecified
3. Plans Here you can specify the folder(s), plan tag(s), or specific plan(s) you would like to filter your tasks by.
4. Tags Isolate by the tags you have used in the  Task Attributes section. 
5. Location Isolate by the locations you have used in the task attributes section. 
6. Time Filter This allows you to sort by when a task was last modified and created. Or the Start and End date of a task, as indicated in the "Task Attributes" section. Or if a task is Overdue or has been Completed or Verified.  
7. Time Filter Allows you to designate the period of time for the above parameters. This will default to all time. 
8. Show all verified tasks

Use this option to view verified tasks that have been automatically archived.

















More Information

These articles provide more detail about creating and organizing the tasks in your project. 

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