How to duplicate a Form


Overview & Background

It is often helpful to make duplicates of a form if you know that the form will have quite a lot of the same entries. It can also be helpful to clone your form templates across different projects so you won't have to recreate a form in every new project. This Help Article explains both processes. 

How to Duplicate a Form 


Duplicating a Form template is helpful if there are pieces of information that will remain the same across different forms. To duplicate a form, follow the steps below:

Step 1: 

Select the Form(s) you'd like to Duplicate.
Step 2: Select the 'Actions' button. 
Step 3:  Select 'Duplicate'.




Note: Once you duplicate a form template, it will become available on the mobile version of Fieldwire. This is the best workaround if you want to have multiple copies of a form available on your mobile app. 


How to Clone your Custom Form Templates

You are able to clone your custom form templates for any new projects you create.
This helps avoid any sort of duplicate work you may have to do. 


Step 1: Select '+New Project' from the Project Dashboard

Step 2: 

Select the project you would like to clone. 
Step 3: Choose to 'Copy Form Templates'.




Note: Currently, Form Templates can only be cloned to new projects. Custom Form Templates cannot be retroactively cloned to existing projects. 

Note: Ensure that you are the Account Owner, or that you are covered under a Business Account to ensure that you can clone form templates. Please reference this article on Account Permissions for more information. 

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