How do I upgrade to a Pro / Business account?


Overview & background


If you're a new user, you can purchase a Pro or Business license through our pricing page. If you already have a free Fieldwire account, you can upgrade to a premium plan by completing the following steps.


Step 1:

Log in on a computer and click "Basic Plan" in the top right corner of the screen (next to your name)

Step 2:

Select "Start my free trial"

Clicking on 'Basic Plan' then 'Upgrade plan'


Step 3:

 Select whether you'd like to upgrade to a "Pro" or "Business" account, and choose to 'Buy Now'. 


Where you select 'Monthly'/'Yearly' or 'Pro'/'Business'



Step 4:

Select whether you'd like a monthly or yearly subscription, enter your card information and invoice recipient, and select the number of licenses you'd like to purchase.

Checkout page



Step 5:

Click "Subscribe" and you're all set to enjoy your premium subscription to Fieldwire! 


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