How do I clone projects?


Overview & background

If you have similar projects, you can save time during the project set up by cloning an existing project. This will copy over the main project attributes so that all you need to do is upload your project documents, and your project is ready to go! 


Use Case


To clone a project, select '+New Project' on the project dashboard then select the project that you'd like to clone. You can also select exactly which attributes (Categories, People, Checklists, Reports, Form Templates (if Pro/Business level), Locations, Folders and/or Settings) you'd like to copy into the new project. 




Template Projects


If you anticipate that you'll be cloning projects frequently as you use the Fieldwire app, we suggest creating a template project which has been set up with the correct categories, people, checklists, folders, and settings.

This has proven to be extremely useful for Fieldwire users who are working on many projects at one time, such as subcontractors and inspectors. 



Copying tasks


Tasks cannot be cloned from one project to another using the clone project feature.

Tip: You can refer to this article to learn how to copy tasks from one project to another using the CSV report and the task importer.

More Information


The articles below will provide additional information that will explain how you can export information out of your projects. 

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