What is the task importer?



Overview & background


Fieldwire's task importer allows you to bring in multiple Fieldwire tasks at once. This is useful if you need to:

  • Create bulk repeated tasks, e.g. if you're working on a residential project and need to create an inspection task in each unit.
  • Import tasks from an excel spreadsheet, such as a comments register from a subconsultant or client. 
  • Transfer tasks from one project to another.

Imported tasks can include:

  • Checklists: you can choose to bring in the tasks pre-populated with checklists which have already been added to the Project Settings.
  • Files: once you have added documents into the Files tab, you can attach these to tasks through the task importer.
  • Attributes: tasks can also be added with all of the task attributes, including Category, Location, Start / End dates, Plan, etc.


How to import tasks


Navigate to the Tasks tab and select 'Import Tasks'.




Tips to speed up the process


Use a Spreadsheet template

The task importer is very similar to Fieldwire's CSV reports. We highly recommend using the Fieldwire CSV report to manipulate your data. From there, you can copy and paste into the Task Importer.


Double click

Double clicking in a cell will give you a dropdown of options. This can quicken up the process of designating categories, adding checklists, etc.


Start typing

Fieldwire will auto populate your options once you start typing within the Task Importer. This is particularly useful for when you are adding files to the tasks.


Drag down

To assign an attribute to multiple rows, you can select the small square at the bottom right of the cell, and drag down to the desired row. 



Red cells indicate where categories, plans names, etc. are inconsistent between the old and the new projects. You can either just delete this information, or manually change it to match the new project. If there are many red cells, simply cancel the import and set up the new project with the same attributes before completing the import.


More information


Tutorial on Exporting and Importing Tasks


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