How do I manage my checklist templates?


Checklists can be inserted into Fieldwire tasks to very quickly document a process or inspection on site. Fieldwire tracks who ticked off each line item (and the date), which then allows you to then generate a fully timestamped report which, in addition to checklists, will document all relevant images, crop plans, mark ups and and messages.

1. Existing Projects: adding, deleting and editing checklist templates.

You can add checklists to your project (or make changes to existing checklist templates) within your Project Settings. 





2. New Projects: cloning checklist templates from existing projects to a new project.

When creating a new project, you can clone checklist templates from an existing project, making project set-up a breeze. Simply select "+ New Project" and choose the project which you'd like to clone. By selecting "Copy Checklists", all checklist templates will be copied to the new project. 



3. Importing Existing Checklists: copying checklists from a spreadsheet or between existing projects.

Fieldwire checklists are set up so that you can simply copy and paste the content from an existing spreadsheet or from another Fieldwire project. Some users will have a working spreadsheet of their standard checklists, allowing them to very quickly paste them into their Fieldwire projects. 

Detailed steps to copy a checklist from one project to another:


1. Open the existing checklist, select the contents and copy (control + c).

Screen_Shot_2018-01-25_at_10.47.45_AM.png 2. Create a new checklist in the new project.
Screen_Shot_2018-01-25_at_10.47.53_AM.png 3. Paste the contents (control + v) and save.


Once you've set up your checklist templates, you might also be interested in:

  • Duplicating tasks with checklists to speed up your inspections and punch walks.
  • Importing tasks (with checklists pre-loaded) in bulk so that project set-up is a breeze.


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