How do I manage my checklist templates?


Checklists can be inserted into Fieldwire tasks to very quickly document a process or inspection on site. Fieldwire tracks who ticked off each line item (and the date), which then allows you to then generate a fully timestamped report, documenting all relevant images, crop plans, mark ups and notes.

New Projects

If you have checklists set up in an existing project, you can copy these to a new project by choosing to clone the existing project, and selecting "Copy Checklists".


Existing Projects

As your projects progress, you may need to make changes to existing checklist templates. You may also need to add more checklists, sometimes copied from another Fieldwire project. You can do all of this in the Settings tab within a project by selecting "Manage checklists". Here you can edit, delete or create a checklist.




Copying a checklist from an existing project

Fieldwire checklists are set up so that you can simply copy and paste the content between different Fieldwire projects or from an existing spreadsheet. Some users will have a working spreadsheet of their standard checklists, allowing them to very quickly paste them into their Fieldwire projects. 

Detailed steps to copy a checklist from one project to another:


1. Open the existing checklist, select the contents and copy (control + c)

Screen_Shot_2018-01-25_at_10.47.45_AM.png 2. Create a new checklist in the new project
Screen_Shot_2018-01-25_at_10.47.53_AM.png 3. Paste the contents (control + v)



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