How can I reorder my folders so they are not alphabetical?


Overview & background

Plan and file folders will automatically be ordered alphabetically. An easy way to customize the order of plans, you can rename the folders with a number or letter before the folder name. 

Drawing sheets are also ordered alphabetically within Fieldwire if you number your plan folders chronologically, they will appear chronologically. This can be particularly useful if you would like your plans to be listed as they appear on your drawing index sheet. 

When you set up your folder structure, the next time you create a new project you can clone the folder structure you have created.

How to adjust folder names

Step 1:

To add a new folder, select "+ New Folder" from the 'Plans' tab. 


Step 2: 

Click on the downward triangle next to the Folder name and choose 'Rename folder'.

Note: You can organize folder names alphabetically


You can also organize Folder names numerically


Delete a folder

To delete a folder, simply select the inverted triangle next to the plan name, then select 'Delete'. You will then be prompted to confirm the deletion.

Note: When you delete a folder, you delete all plans within this folder. Deleting plans in Fieldwire is a permanent action. Plans cannot be recovered in Fieldwire. 


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