Should I add my subs to Fieldwire?


We are frequently asked whether companies should add their subs to their Fieldwire project, or just use the app internally.

Fieldwire is priced per user and adding subs will increase your user count. However by adding your subs to your Fieldwire plan, you can make use of the full functionality of Fieldwire, saving you time and money on your projects.

1. If you add your subs to Fieldwire, they will have access to all up-to-date project information, and view new drawings as soon as they are uploaded. More significantly, the whole team can collaborate in real time, which is how Fieldwire time savings are truly realized. By being able to document and communicate issues as soon as they arise on site, you will build up a fully time-stamped and traceable record of the whole project. 

2. If you don't add your subs to Fieldwire, you can still communicate information by using Fieldwire's reporting functionality. The reports are PDF files (formatted with your company logo and colors) which can be sent to any email address, whether they have a Fieldwire account or not. Whilst these reports are a fantastic way to document site information, they do not allow for real time collaboration and will not capture comments or responses from the recipients. 






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