How to change the language that displays in Fieldwire


Overview & background

Fieldwire currently supports 14 languages. We always consider adding more language options to Fieldwire's, please email us at, if you have a specific need or would like to make any suggestions. 


Selecting the language on web

You can set the language you would like to use on the web by clicking on the flag icon on the upper right, then selecting the relevant language. 





Setting the language on your mobile app


The Fieldwire app will automatically follow the language set on your mobile device. If one of the aforementioned languages is not set on your device, Fieldwire's language will default to English. 

If you update the language on your mobile device, Fieldwire will follow suit. 


Using the Google Translate extension


Tip:  If Fieldwire does not yet support your language, we recommend you download the Google Translate extension for your browser. This way the displayed text will automatically translate to your localized dialect.

If you are running Google Chrome, you can download this extension here:

Google Translate extension


More Information 


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