How do I capture video in Fieldwire?


Overview & background

Videos in Fieldwire allow users on the field to add a more comprehensive overview and can potentially allow more insight than a photo. 


How to take a video in Fieldwire

Open up a task in on your Fieldwire mobile app and click on the Camera icon at the bottom of the task window. When the camera window appears, select the "Video" option in order to capture a short 7 second video. When it is finished recording, the video will then appear in the body of your task, next to additional task content.


Recording a video on iOS

Any iOS mobile device (iPhone, iPad) should be able to record videos in your project tasks.

Recording video on Android

Android mobile devices must be running OS version 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher to have video capabilities enabled. The mobile device must also have a camera that meets our app's requirements (this depends on the device model/manufacturer) in order for the video feature to be present when selecting the Camera option in tasks.



More Information

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