How do I sort and filter reports?


Overview & background 


In the tasks tab, you can generate reports if you are on a premium plan. You can Reports for many functions, including Punch Lists, Inspections, etc. 'Sort by' and 'Filter by' options allow you to customize the information you want to be displayed in your report. 


What reporting options look like


PDF Summary and CSV Report filter options



 PDF Summary and CSV Report filter options



Report Types


Click on the links below to view and/or download examples of each report type.

  1. PDF Summary Report
  2. PDF Detailed Report
  3. CSV - will automatically download to your computer


Example use case for sorting reports


Example: If you want to check on the progress of a certain subcontractor's work, you can Sort By Category, then Assignee and then Priority to determine which tasks are assigned to him/her and the status of those tasks.


'Sort by' options


You can choose to sort how information appears before you generate the report. The benefit is that you can ensure the information is presented according to your preference. You can decide in which order the information is displayed.

There are three 'Sort by' sections for all reports.


The 3 'Sort by' options' 



They default to Category, Assignee, and Priority, though there are 8 sorting options for all reports within each 'Sort by' section.


All 8 sorting options



Troubleshooting Tip: If you select 'Task #' in the first 'Sort by' section other 'Sort by' options will not display. The reason is that each 'Sort by' option is dependent on the 'Sort by" option before it, and 'Task #' overrides all 'Sort by' options. 


'Task Filter' options

You can select to display specific tasks and omit others. The six Task filters Fieldwire allows you to filter by:

  1. Specific Assignees
  2. Certain Categories
  3. Certain Hashtags
  4. Select by Task Status
  5. Choose specific locations
  6. Select certain plans only



Troubleshooting tip: Once you select a certain Filter, be sure that there is content for the filtering option you select. Meaning, once the filters are selected the criteria will automatically only search for the filters selected. If there is no content under the filters selected, then no content will display in the report.

Example: I select Assignee > Bob, Categories > Electrical, Status 'P1' and 'P2'. If Bob does not have Electrical tasks, but all Bob's Electrical tasks are 'P3', 'Completed' or 'Verified', then no data will display because only 'P1' and 'P2' tasks were selected.


'Time Filter' options


You can select the report options by time-related filters.


Time filters



Tip: You can input a date range based on custom date ranges relating to date ranges based on all time, days, weeks, months, or a specified date range. 


Default time filter options




Tip: Reports are great for quickly compiling a list of punch items or completed tasks. You can see how tasks have changed in recent days, and the report can act as a record of expenses and hours worked. For example, you can filter by tasks updated within the last day for a report on daily progress. Alternatively, filter for any tasks updated within the last week.


'Recipients' options

You can select specific recipients of the report by entering their email address. 


Where you input recipient email address(es)



Tip: Recipients can be Fieldwire users and external parties. You do not have to be on Fieldwire to receive a Fieldwire generated report.


'Schedule Reports' options


You can select when to send the reports and even schedule the report to be automatically sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The report will be sent at 5am based on the project's specified time zone. 


Step 1: Select 'Weekly' or 'Monthly'




Step 2: Choose a specific day 



Tip: Great to use when providing weekly client updates.


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