Where are my archived tasks / projects?


When a task or project is archived, it is not erased. It just signifies its completion and is removed from the active Tasks tab and Projects dashboard, respectively, so that you can focus on the jobs that still need doing.

To locate a task that has been archived, simply go to the Tasks page and click on the button that says “Filter Tasks” at the top of the screen. A filter screen will appear, and here you can select the checkbox that reads “Show archived” in the bottom left corner to reveal those older, finished tasks that no longer appear in the active feed.

Projects that have been archived can be located in a similar fashion, but from the Projects dashboard, which should be the first screen to appear upon signing in to your account. On this page, when you look in the top right corner of the dashboard, you should be able to see a link that reads “Show archived.” Click on that to reveal your completed projects from the past.

To edit the length of time before your verified tasks get archived, see this article.

Locating Archived Tasks on Web:


Locating Archived Projects on Web:

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