What are notifications?


Overview & background 

Notifications are sent when a Task assigned to you or that you are tagged in is updated and the Project Settings and your individual Profile settings confirm you are choosing to receive notifications.

Note: You will not receive an update for any actions you perform in Fieldwire. 

What types of Notifications can I receive?

Notifications are sent by Fieldwire when tasks are updated or created. These notifications are received by the assignee, and anyone who has been assigned (or included in) the task at any point.

This article will detail the three types of notifications that Fieldwire sends, and enabling notifications across all platforms:

  1. Email notifications
  2. Web notifications
  3. Mobile (push) notifications
  4. Enabling notifications

1. Email notifications

Email notifications are sent to the email address associated with your account. In order to receive email notifications, please ensure:

  • Email notifications are enabled in the project settings.
    (detailed in 4. Enabling notifications below)
  • Email notifications are enabled in your personal settings.
    (detailed in 4. Enabling notifications below)
  • You have checked your Spam or Junk folder, in case the email notifications have been auto-directed here.

If you have checked above and do not see any email notifications from Fieldwire, please contact [email protected].

2. Web notifications

All notifications will also be logged in the Notification Center on the web version of Fieldwire. You can click on the 'bell' icon:


There, you will see all Notifications you have not yet reviewed.


When you click on the Notification, it will navigate you to the relevant task or project:


Once you have reviewed the Notifications you can select the 'X' or click on the red banner that reads: 'Clear'. 


3. Mobile (push) notifications

If Fieldwire is installed on your mobile device, then you will receive a 'push' notification which will appear on your lock screen, similar to a text message.

iOS push notification

Notification_on_Android.jpgAndroid push notification

4. Enabling notifications

(a) Enabling notifications on mobile 

The screenshots below outline how to enable notifications on your mobile device


Step 1: Navigate to Settings

Step 2: Ensure 'Allow Notifications' is selected 

iOS_notification_settings_1.png    iOS_notification_settings_2.png


Step 1: Navigate to Settings

Step 2: Ensure 'Allow Notifications' is selected 

push_notifications_iOS_2.png      push_notifications_iOS_1.png


Step 1: Navigate to Settings

Step 2: Ensure 'App Notifications' in 'ON'



(b) Enabling notifications within the Project Settings

The Project Admins can go to the 'Settings' tab and can choose how often and which types of notifications are sent to the team on the project. 


The two options are:

  1. Everyone on the project gets a notification whenever a task they own or are tagged in is created or updated.
  2. Send daily email notifications when plans are updated to everyone on the project.

(b) Enabling notifications within your Profile Settings

Each person on the project can go to their Profile 'Settings' tab and can choose the frequency of whether to receive notifications:

  • Instantly
  • Daily
  • Never

Step 1: Navigate to your Profile settings


Step 2: Scroll down to 'Email Notifications' and select the appropriate setting for you





For more information about how to generate hashtags and tag people in a task, please refer to this article:  How to the "@" and "#" signs work?



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