Will users receive mobile notifications for tasks?


Fieldwire features several key ways to notify users about tasks, so that everyone on your project stays in the loop and knows what their responsibilities are. These notifications include:

Real-time notifications: If you assign a task to a user that also has Fieldwire installed on their mobile device, they will get an immediate notification that a new task has been assigned to them. As all of our tasks follow an ownership model, anyone who has created or been assigned a task will continue to get updates on its progress. This way, if you assign a task to, let's say, a sub, and they mark it as complete, you will get notified of the update.

Real-time emails: Same as the notifications above, only via email.

Automatically-generated activity reports: At 5:00 AM (local time) we will email a report to any user that either: 1) had a new task assigned to them the previous day or 2) has a task that is due that day. We elected to only send this if there is new activity to reduce the amount of noise you receive in your inbox.

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