I've been invited to a project, what do I do next?


When you're invited to a project, you will be sent an email with the invitation and a link to that project.

Existing Customers
If you already have a Fieldwire account, simply log in to Fieldwire (on web or on your mobile device) and that project will appear automatically.

New Customers
If you're new to Fieldwire, you can join this project by following the steps below. We recommend that you're connected to wifi, as this process will involve downloading all of your project data. 

1) Follow the link in your email
Note: The email will be from support@fieldwire.com, and the subject line will be similar to "[Fieldwire] Gloria King has invited you to join..."

Once you've found the email, follow the link to be directed to the project, and proceed to Step 2.

(You can also do this on web)


2) Create your account
Simply enter your first name, last name and email, then choose a password.

(You can also do this on web)


NOTE: If you see the screen below instead of the sign up screen, it is because you already have a Fieldwire account. If you can't remember your login details, you can select "forgot your password" and create a new password so that you can log in.

  (You can also do this on web)


3) Open the Fieldwire app
The previous screens are actually in a web browser, so once you've signed up, make sure you download and open the Fieldwire app. 




4) Enable the new project
Once you've logged in, the new project will automatically appear as "disabled". If you'd like to access this project through the app (which will allow you to view the project even if you're offline), then press the project and select "Enable".



Give it a few minutes for your project to completely load (time will depend on the project size), and after this, you're all set to use Fieldwire on your mobile device!

What do do next
To learn more about Fieldwire's functionality (and how to use Fieldwire on your projects), please refer to this webpage: Use Fieldwire on Mobile.

Can't see your projects? Make sure you've signed in with the correct email address (i.e. the exact email address that was invited to the project), as this is a common error. For further assistance, please contact support@fieldwire.com


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