What do people use Fieldwire for?


Overview & background

Fieldwire is designed to make days on the job site easier and more efficient. We provide stellar Task management and Forms features which enhance onsite field management. There is a comprehensive markup tool so our customers can make field notations on automatically versioned plans while online and offline.

Core functions in Fieldwire

Plan Viewing & Versioning

You can sync Fieldwire to your cloud storage and it allow us to automatically version sheets and push updates to all connected users. By uploading your sheets on Fieldwire, anyone on your crew can access your latest plans and create tasks and markups on them via their mobile device.

Task Management

We help you track everything on-site so that you know how the project is progressing day-to-day. When users create or update tasks, we instantly send notifications via mobile and reports can be emailed to all the pertinent team members. 

Quality control / Inspections

We make it very simple to record updates with photos, annotations, comments, and hyperlink attachments, and then automatically share them so everyone is aware of any issues.  

Punch Lists Hand-written spreadsheets and notes are a thing of the past. Use Fieldwire to snap photos of defects, leave comments, and add to-do's so you can wrap up your projects quickly and without a hitch. This Video explains more about creating punch lists

No more having to send out meeting notes after endless discussions. Upload files, generate reports and create tasks as you go to make sure everyone immediately knows what their duties are. 

Scheduling has never been easier, Scheduling has never been easier, and designating task priorities and start/end dates ensures that the most urgent work gets done first.

Change Order Management All revisions on your projects will be received via notifications to clients and all related parties. Easily keep track of important data and always have it at your fingertips, so there's no scrambling to assemble or remember details from months ago. Eliminate disputes and stay on top of your project.


Who uses Fieldwire?

The type of people using Fieldwire ranges from Owners, GCs and Subs (Supers / PMs / Foreman), as well as Engineers, Architects, and Designers. Some projects have all of these groups working in tandem, while others are more specialized. 

There are endless number of advantages on Fieldwire, some of the most significant are: 

  • Greater visibility, transparency, and accountability
  • Reduced rework costs associated with working off of old plans
  • Better document control and tracking (no more RFIs falling through the cracks)
  • Improved issue detection and conflict resolution
  • Reduced printing costs
  • Faster and less fragmented communication
  • Documented record of project progress

Fieldwire has been crafted to make your the life of your project run better than ever before.

More Information 

These articles will provide greater insight into how you can sign up and begin to use Fieldwire. 

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Field Training Tutorial Videos

These tutorial videos provide some additional tips about Fieldwire on iOS and Android devices. 

On iOS

On Android


Use Case video on Posting RFIs



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