Overview & background


The first action most users perform in Fieldwire is to upload plans. Learn about how to upload plans and maximize your utilization of the Plans tab in Fieldwire.


From the Plans tab to opening a single Plan


Tip: To learn about the Plans tab, click here. To learn about the individual Plan view, click here.


Introduction to plans


Uploading plans, hyperlinks & versioning


Article Use case

Uploading plans & resolving versioning conflicts

How to upload plans and resolve versioning conflicts
What is version control?

How to use version control and how to resolve versioning conflicts

How can I quickly edit plan names?

How to name plans, how to scan plans to rename, and how to batch edit plans to rename

Why aren't my plan hyperlinks activating?

How to fix plan hyperlink issues

What plan file types are supported on Fieldwire? List of plan file types compatible with Fieldwire 

What is plan comparison?

How Premium users can compare plans


Plan markups 


Article Use case
Plan view and plan markup tools on web

Overview of the plan view and all markup tools

How do I use the calibration and measurement tools?

How to calibrate the plan scale and how to measure markups in Fieldwire

How can I edit and duplicate my markups?

How to adjust markup attributes, resize, and duplicate markups

What markup keyboard shortcuts does Fieldwire offer?

A dictionary of keyboard shortcuts to use while marking up plans on the web

When I export plans as PDFs, how can I view my markups?

How you can view markups on plans exported from Fieldwire

Can I email a plan from my Fieldwire app?

How to email a plan from a mobile device

What are plan #tags?

How to create and manage plan tags


Dropbox/Box integration


Plans tutorial videos


Uploading plans video

Markups & annotations video


Version control video


Exporting plans from Fieldwire video


Dropbox/Box 2-way sync


More information


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