How to use the Forms Module


Overview & background   

In July 2018, Fieldwire released the "Forms" module in beta for all Business and Enterprise users. This is a new way to use Fieldwire, alongside the existing plans, tasks, and files.


Tip: There is a 'batch export' option for Forms. When you navigate to the 'Forms' tab you can select multiple forms, then select: Actions > Export and all the selected forms are emailed to you.

Form types

  1. Daily Reports
  2. Inspection Requests
  3. RFIs
  4. Timesheets

Submitting forms

Forms in action: Daily Reports

This Tutorial Video explains how to create Daily Reports, our most requested form!


More information

The "Introduction to Forms" webinar demonstrates each Form type offered in the Module.

FAQs & troubleshooting

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