How to use the 'Time & Material Tag' Form


Overview & Background

The Time & Material Tag Form is designed to document the time spent by the contractor's subcontractors to perform the work, and for materials used to complete the work on-site. 

Through Fieldwire, you can fill out a Time & Materials tag very quickly and conveniently on mobile or on the web. Within the template, you can:

  • Populate information about the time spent on labor, equipment, and materials used.
  • Attach photos or relevant files.
  • Sign the T&M form assign the form to the relevant person, then change the status to "Submitted".


The Time & Material Tag Form





Form attributes

  • Form Number (#) - Fieldwire automatically generates a form number that cannot be edited.
  • Description - A freeform section that allows you to customize the Time & Material Tag title. For example, if you would like to label your Time & Material Tags by date and crew, you could enter the date and crew (e.g. "6/15 Concrete Crew") as the description.
  • Assignee - The person responsible for filling out the Time & Material Tags at a given time. You have the option to re-assign a daily report to someone you may need input from. The assignee receives a notification when the report has been submitted.
  • Status - When creating a daily report, the status defaults to "Draft". Once complete, the Time & Material Tag can be submitted by selecting "Submitted" from the drop-down menu.


  • General Information - Here you designate who the Time & Material Tag should be issued to, and who it has been issued from. You can also designate the Description of Work.
  • Labor - This section allows you to document the labor that was performed onsite. There are sections to record the Trade, a description of the tasks performed, and sections to document the hours of labor taken by the Trade. 
  • Equipment - This Section allows you to document the Equipment that was used on-site, as well as the number of hours spent using the equipment. 
  • Material -  This Section allows you to document the Materials that were used on-site, as well as the number of hours spent installing those materials. 


  • Photo / File - Here you can upload a photo or file related to the day.
  • Existing file - This option allows you to link a file that has been uploaded into your project.
  • Crop plan - Here include a cropped section of the plan to highlight the exact location in question. 

Signature - All daily reports must be signed before they are submitted. For traceability, Fieldwire automatically displays the time and day of when the form was signed. 


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