How do I publish a Form?


Overview & Background

Publishing a form is a vital step to make sure that the form becomes available to all users on your project. When a form isn't published, you can make edits, but no users can access it. 

How do I make edits to a Form? 

If you ever want to make edits to an existing form template you would need to unpublish a form.

The option to unpublish a form comes from the Form editor page. There are two ways to access the form editor page.

Select the dropdown menu next to the form, then select 'Manage Template'.  Forms___3__Test_Academy.png
Select the Form from the 'Manage Templates' drop-down menu in the top-right corner.  Forms___123_Main_Street_2.png


How to Publish a Form

On the Form Editor Page, select the 'Publish' option in the top right to make the form visible and editable to the individuals on your project.



Unpublish a Form

To unpublish the form, select the 'Unpublish' option in the top-right corner. Now, you are able to make edits to the form. Be sure to select 'Publish' so other users will be able to edit the form. 



More Information

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