Troubleshooting 360º photos


Overview & background

The ability to take 360º Photos is a key feature of the Business subscription on Fieldwire. To see how to take 360º Photos, follow the instructions outlined in this article.

This Article will go through some troubleshooting tips about 360º Photos. 

What cameras can I use to take 360º Photos?

The only cameras currently compatible with the Fieldwire 360 photo feature are the Ricoh Theta S and the Ricoh Theta V.

This graph below outlines the firmware compatibility between the Ricoh Theta cameras and the Fieldwire apps. Please ensure that the Camera firmware is at or above v01.62. Please also ensure that you use the latest version of Fieldwire on your mobile device. 

  Ricoh Theta S Ricoh Theta V
Camera firmware requirements v01.62 v01.62
iOS App version requirements Version 1.3.1 Version 1.3.1 
Android App version requirements Version 2.6.1 Version 1.4.1

Common issues and resolutions


Issue Resolution
When you connect the Ricoh Theta Camera you see an error message which states "Your camera is not currently supported".

You will likely need to update the firmware for your Ricoh Theta camera.

This Help Article from the Ricoh Theta website explains how to update the firmware on your camera. 

You are captured in the 360º photo

Set self-timer for the camera and move out of the frame. 

Use the Extension Adapter or Ricoh Theta stand to move out of the frame. 

You do not see the photo that you took. 

You may need to re-connect your Ricoh Theta camera to Fieldwire. Follow the instructions outlined in this article to re-connect your camera. 

If there are 360º photos are saved on your device, you can also manually upload photos to the Photos tab of your project. 


More Information

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