Using the Tasks Tab (Web)


The Tasks tab allows you to manage and keep track of every task on your project. Here, you can arrange your tasks based on category, priority, hashtag, and start/end date (calendar). Click on each task to be taken to the task view, where you can monitor progress and leave additional comments, photos, attachments, and annotations.

You can add tasks at the bottom of a column or go into the task view by clicking on the task title. If it is a geo-tagged task, hovering the cursor over the task title will make a small arrow icon appear, and clicking that icon will take you to where the task is located on its specific plan. By right clicking, you can change the task status or delete the task. Again, you can only delete tasks if you are an Admin.

Speaking of permissions, only Admins can mark tasks as verified. Members will only be able to mark tasks as completed. The project Admin(s) should mark the task as verified after reviewing the tasks marked for completion.

Task details displayed include: Category, ID, owner, and title. Each task is automatically assigned a permanent task ID number for recording purposes. You can also see that each task is assigned to a specific user, whose initials are located directly above the task title, and the initials of each task’s assigned category will appear in the icon to the left of the title (unless it has not been assigned to a category, then it will be blank).

  1. You can organize tasks based on Priority and Calendar (start/end date). While tasks can have both priorities and start/end dates, they are shown on different pages to make everything clearer. If you want to adjust or set the duration of a task, click the "Calendar" button and then drag tasks to the desired start and end dates. 
    • End dates will override the visible priority of a task. For instance, if you set a task as due within 3 weeks, it will appear to have a lower priority (P3 - yellow). As the task's end date approaches, the priority will automatically update toward the highest priority (P1 - red) and will finally end up in the overdue column if not completed.
    • If you make an update to a task that is assigned to another user, we will automatically send them a notification of the change (via app message and email - see the notifications section for more details). 
  2. You can add tasks in a spreadsheet format using the "Import Tasks" button. This can be helpful if you have multiple tasks that you want to duplicate and add to your project.
  3. You can generate reports on this page if you are on a premium account plan.
  4. Clicking on the "Filter Tasks" button will allow you to filter which tasks you see on this page. Available filters include hashtags, status, category, assignee, plans associated with the tasks, or various time filters for when the tasks were created or updated. You can also choose to display archived tasks from this menu as well. If you want to select a specific category's tasks quickly, simply click on that category in the main category list along the left-hand side of the page.
  5. When adding tasks from this page, it is important to note that the task will be designated as a non-geo-tagged task (tasks with a square icon). The icon for this is a square (geo-tagged tasks show a pin). 
    • Non-geo-tagged tasks are good for general to-do's or tasks that don't need to be associated with a specific a location.
    • If you add a new task directly to a particular area on a plan, this creates a geo-tagged task (map pin icon). This means that this task is only associated with this specific location on this plan.
    • If you add a new task while viewing a plan, but don't designate a specific location, you will create a task with a diamond icon. This task will be associated with the plan, but not a particular location on it. This is good for cases where the issue impacts a broad area of the plan. 

If you are adding tasks from the Tasks tab, we suggest selecting the category on the left column before you create it. This will save you from having to manually open the task to set the category. 

The screenshots below show the tasks sorted by priority. You can also view tasks in a Calendar format.




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