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Should you encounter a technical issue that affects how you can use Fieldwire, there are concrete steps you can take to resolve the issue. 


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What is selective syncing?

How to choose what data you want to sync to your mobile device

What is smart syncing?

How to reduce or increase data usage on your mobile device

Can I use Fieldwire while offline?

How to use Fieldwire when not connected to the internet 

How do I store data on an SD Card using the Android app?

Allotting SD card storage on your Android device

What mobile device size and data capacity do you recommend when using Fieldwire?

Mobile device size/data capacity requirements


Mobile troubleshooting


Article Use case
Am I using the most updated operating system and version of Fieldwire?

List of the current versions for devices, web browsers and the Fieldwire app

Does your device have enough storage space?

How much space your mobile device needs to run Fieldwire

Is your WiFi speed 20 megabits per second (Mbps) or faster?

Is your network connection speed fast enough?

Why aren't my plans syncing?

Key article troubleshooting article for syncing issues

Syncing issues? Troubleshooting on an Apple device

Steps to take to sync an Apple device with the project

Syncing issues? Troubleshooting on an Android device

Steps to take to sync an Android device with the project

Can I use Fieldwire on my Windows device?

Workaround to utilize the Android version of Fieldwire on your Winwos device


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